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Courses at Clemson Taught by Prof. Hubing

Automotive Electronics Integration - AuE 835
This course provides an overview of the primary electronic systems found in automotive designs including critical systems such as power train control, steering and braking as well as emissions control, navigation, driver interface, entertainment and communication systems. The course covers automotive communication networks and protocols, power distribution and hybrid system controls. The course also reviews trends in automotive electronics as well as issues (such as cost, reliability and systems integration) that are driving the industry.

Vehicle Electronics - ECE 470
Introduction to vehicle electronic systems and networks. Topics include a review of electronic systems in automotive and aerospace applications; vehicle components, sensors and actuators; communication busses; electric power generation and distribution in vehicle systems; vehicle diagnostics; reliability; and trends in vehicle system design.

Automotive Grounding and Shielding - AuE 893
The course addresses the integration of electronic components and systems in automotive designs. Students learn proper procedures for making accurate electronic measurements and develop the skills necessary to design and integrate electronic components in an automotive system. The course also provides students with hands-on experience diagnosing and troubleshooting electronic noise problems.

Grounding and Shielding - ECE 435/635
An introduction to electromagnetic compatibility concepts and techniques for students who will be designing or working with electronic systems when they graduate. Topics include electromagnetic interference and noise control, crosstalk and signal integrity, grounding, filtering, shielding, circuit board layout, lightning and electrostatic discharge protection.

Digital Signal Integrity - ECE 493/693
The course introduces the concepts required to design and measure high-speed digital circuits. Topics include: properties of high-speed logic, electronic packaging, power bus decoupling, circuit board layout, transmission lines, circuit parasitics, modeling techniques and effective measurement practices. Students utilize the resources available in the Clemson Vehicular Electronics Laboratory to build and measure actual high-speed circuits.