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Safe and Reliable Automotive Electronics
We are developing new design and test practices for automotive electronics to ensure the reliability of the vehicle and the safety of its occupants.

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Performance-Based EMC Design of Electronic Systems
Developing new design models and practices to ensure that electronic systems meet all EMC requirements before they are built and tested. This allows design decisions to be made based on the actual requirements, and eliminates some of the uncertainties associated with design trade-offs that impact electromagnetic compatibility.

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Using Unintentional Emissions to Anticipate MOSFET and IGBT Failures
CVEL researchers are developing a technique for passive detection of MOSFET and IGBT degradation before it can result in a catastrophic system failure.


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Improved Circuit Board Filters Employing SMT Capacitors
CVEL researchers are significantly improving the bandwidth of filters made with SMT capacitors using a flux-canceling technique.

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Efficient, Low-Noise Motor Drivers and Power Inverters
CVEL researchers are developing methods for reducing the electrical noise and improving the efficiency of DC-DC power converters and motor drivers for AC and brushless-DC motors.

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Failure-Mode Models for MLCC and Tantalum Capacitors
Evaluating the gradual deterioration of MLCC and tantalum capacitors that can occur due to exposure to medium-to-high voltage transients; and developing models that represent the electrical behavior of these components.

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Component-Level Characterization for System-Level EMC Simulations
CVEL researchers are developing techniques for measuring the EM characteristics of components and using this data to predict the electromagnetic compatibility of complex systems.

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Improved Tire Pressure Monitoring
Developing a better way to transmit and receive RF signals in cars and trucks to conserve power and improve communication.

An ultracapacitor charging

Efficient Capacitor Charging
CVEL researchers are developing a technique for charging ultracapacitors that could greatly improve the efficiency of automotive systems that rely on ultracapacitors for energy storage.

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Automotive EMC Expert System
CVEL researchers are developing expert system algorithms to diagnose and solve electromagnetic compatibility problems with automotive designs before the first prototypes are built.

IC on a circuit board

EMC Expert System for Printed Circuit Board Layout
These expert system algorithms work with board layout tools to identify electromagnetic compatibility problems with a circuit board design before it is built.


EM Modeling Using SPICE Circuit Solvers
Researchers at Clemson University are combining Finite Element electromagnetic analysis techniques with SPICE circuit solvers to perform fast and accurate electromagnetic simulations.

Printed Circuit Board Model

Survey of Computational Electromagnetic Modeling Techniques
The objective of this project was to evaluate and report on the current state of the art in computational electromagnetic (CEM) modeling and software.

IC on a circuit board

Evaluating ICs as Sources of Radiated Emissions
CVEL Researchers developed test procedures for characterizing integrated circuits in a manner that quantifies their ability to generate radiated electromagnetic emissions when mounted on a circuit board and placed in a complex system.

Electronic Device Detection Image

Electronic Device Detection
CVEL researchers have developed techniques to automatically detect and identify electronic devices based on their unintentional electromagnetic emissions.

VLSI Near-Field Measurement Image

VLSI Design for Reduced EMI
CVEL researchers investigated methods for reducing the unintentional emissions from complex semi-conductor devices such as microprocessors, microcontrollers, and large field-programmable gate arrays.

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Reducing AM Radio Interference in a Tractor
CVEL researchers analyzed the coupling paths that allow electronic noise to be heard in AM radio systems installed in high-tech tractors.

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Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications Through Tires
An undergraduate student investigated the merits of locating the antennas for vehicle-to-vehicle communications in tires.