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Continuing Education Short Courses

The following short courses are taught periodically at locations around the world. Follow the links below for more information on dates and places. Arrangements can also be made to bring these courses to specific locations for in-house presentations at companies or events.

Essential Grounding and Shielding Concepts for System Design (1 day)
This one day training session covers proper grounding, filtering and shielding techniques for electronic systems. Students completing the course will be able to develop effective strategies for ensuring the electromagnetic compatibility of new products as well as troubleshoot and fix many problems occurring in existing systems.

Printed Circuit Board Layout for EMC and Signal Integrity (1 day)
This one day training session on the design and layout of high speed printed circuit boards stresses the fundamental concepts that board designers need to be familiar with to avoid electromagnetic compatibility and signal integrity problems. Students completing the course will be able to make good decisions regarding component selection, component placement, and trace routing. In addition, students will be able to implement effective power distribution and grounding strategies.

Computer Modeling Tools for Electromagnetic Compatibility (1/2 day)
This half-day training session is intended to bring engineers up to date on the latest computer modeling tools available to help them analyze system and board designs and troubleshoot electromagnetic interference problems with existing products. Students completing the course will be aware of the tools available to them and able to make good decisions regarding the tools that are appropriate for their needs.

Automotive Printed Circuit Board Layout (1/2 day)
This course focuses on board design and layout issues that are of particular importance to the automotive electronics industry. Component placement, trace routing, power distribution and grounding are discussed with an emphasis on automotive applications. Particular emphasis is placed on effective design strategies that comply with requirements to isolate digital and chassis grounds.

Signal Integrity in High-Speed Digital Systems (1 day)
This course introduces fundamental signal integrity concepts. Students will develop the basic skills necessary to design and analyze high-speed digital circuits. Topics include, time/frequency domain representations of digital signals, parasitic inductance and capacitance, crosstalk, properties of digital logic, component packaging, circuit board layout, transmission lines, high-frequency measurement techniques, differential signaling, simultaneous switching noise, power bus decoupling, dispersion, jitter, signal termination strategies and grounding for mixed-signal applications.

Essential Shielding Concepts and Design Strategies (1 day)
There is a common perception among engineers that electromagnetic shielding is a simple matter of enclosing everything in metal. In reality, the most effective shields are often nothing more than small well-placed plates made of materials appropriate for the application. This course presents the fundamental concepts necessary to develop effective shielding strategies for various applications.1 Students who successfully complete this course will be able to recognize situations where shielding would be beneficial, choose the correct shielding materials and design shields that are appropriate for the application.